Money + Contest(Cheating) = F4IL

September 30, 2009

Credit cards industry in Hong Kong is very competitive. Credit cards have amazing promotions for its cardholders. Credit card’s reward points vary by card issuer. In the lucrative Black Card category, the competition is fierce.

Banks have been trying to reach out to its customers online. While many have great intentions, many campaigns crashed and failed. The latest effort comes from DBS’ black card.



They decided to give away 500k of air miles (equivalant of roughly HKD50,000) on a Facebook Fan Page via. a contest. Participants “like” submissions in order to win the contest. Sounds simple, right?


Facebook does not verify any accounts. Anyone can sign up for multiple accounts. People have been kown to sign up for multiple accounts for popular games like Farmville. People began to like and unlike things to work the game to their advantages. Before you know it, someone wrote out the exploit on the Facebook Fan Page, and the reactions are very negative.

Compound this with a lack of monitoring from the agency nor DBS’s own marketing team, and you’ve cooked one of the biggest negative campaigns this year.


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